Weird Portland, a Photo Essay

Published on: June 28, 2014

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Sasquatching you
Photo by: Michael Henry
Vegan vandalism
Photo by: Susan Henry
Forgive me, Father, I have finned
Photo by: Susan Henry
Pull my finger
Photo by: Susan Henry
Power to the Buddha Barber!
Photo by: Michael Henry
Photo by: Susan Henry
Wheelie, it's a bicycle monument
Photo by: Susan Henry
Three groins in the fountain
Photo by: Susan Henry
A potty promotion
Photo by: Michael Henry
Choirboys peeing
Photo by: Michael Henry
I said, 'Beam me UP, Scotty!'
Photo by: Michael Henry
Double D graffiti
Photo by Susan Henry

Wacky, weird Portland. You just have to love it.  The City of Roses is chock full of comical, kooky people.  In Portland, “Keeping it Weird” just seems to come naturally.

Global Gallop is a heat-seeking missile when it comes to ferreting out the funny, far-out side of any destination. Drawing inspiration from a book about Portland by Chuck Palahniuk, titled Fugitives and Refugees, we set off in search of weird Portland.  It didn’t take us long to hit pay dirt.

When it comes to weird Portland, a picture is worth a thousand words.  So, we hope you enjoy our photo essay featuring the droll quirkiness that is Portland, Oregon.


6 Comments on Weird Portland, a Photo Essay

  1. patsy flora says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha….,These HAVE to be the most hilarious photos ever taken of a city.
    You have to be kidding…,..or perhaps not…as we know about the nude bicycle race.
    Keep ’em coming.

  2. Michael D says:

    Portland keeps calling me back. Therefore you must be calling me weird. Well thanks- I think

  3. trish says:

    wow! entirely different perspective on Portland….apparently their normal isn’t!

  4. Thomas Henry says:

    Mike we know all about #4 don’t we-brother. Have a happy and adventurous summer.

    • Michael says:

      Indeed we do. But who knew someone had built a statue to honor the ritual? Will do. We have a couple of things that I think will be interesting.

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