Austin Yard Art: There Goes the Neighborhood

Published on: August 31, 2016

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A dead tree gets a makeover
Photograph by: Michael Henry
Bowling ball border
Photography by: Michael Henry
This must be Peter Pan's house
Photograph by: Michael Henry
I guess there is a kind of haunting beauty
Photograph by: Michael Henry
Caution: Beware of Gorilla
Photograph by: Michael Henry
Kitty litter
Photograph by: Michael Henry
Vehicular yard slaughter
An artist in the media of 'found objects'
Photograph by: Michael Henry
Because what is life without yellow balls?
Photograph by: Michael Henry

Austin is a city that has long been considered a little off-center.  But you don’t know the true extent of Austin’s eccentricity until you lay your eyes on Austin yard art.

You see, a lot of folks in Austin have a propensity for exuberant personal expression through the display of outlandish objects on their yards.  Trust me, a pink flamingo or a garden troll is nothing to these people.

If you want to do your own tour of Austin’s ‘Art Yards’ there is a art yard community web site which, while a little dated, will point you in the right direction.  If you are ready to start your own yard art collection, check out  Fortney’s Eclectic Home Furnishings. Fortney’s sells some real treasures, like a twenty-foot tall wind chime and a bronze praying mantis big enough to eat your beagle.

Austin yard art is totally bizarre, but also somehow oddly endearing.  That said, if I was living next door to one of these creative exhibitions, I wouldn’t be so sanguine.  I would be panicked about my home value.

Lets face it.  Austin yard art defies description.  So take a digital walk through Global Gallop’s Austin Yard Art Gallery and witness the city’s lawn-based lunacy for yourself.


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