Corso Zundert: Flower Parade Extraordinaire

Published on: April 13, 2017

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Setting sail on the streets of Zundert
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
King of the corso
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
The Dutch are big on bikes
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Flowery foxes fighting
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
'Come not between a dragon and his wrath'
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Gallows humor
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Unchain my soul
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
The dahlia is in the details
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
A floating organ hits the right notes
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Holy vortex
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Ninja flower power
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Bring on the beasts!
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Fashion statement: a float is photoshopped
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Serious celebration in the winner's circle
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
Merry musicians
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
How do you like your links?
Photograph by: Misty Smathers
A flowery farewell from Corso Zundert
Photograph by: Misty Smathers

The journey to the tiny village of Zundert, in The Netherlands, may involve a plane, a train and a bus, but it is a trail to an extraordinary event:  the Corso Zundert.

One of some seventy flower parades around the globe, the Corso Zundert occurs annually on the first Sunday in September.  Twenty floats competed in the 2016 parade, each sponsored by a different neighborhood of the small town of Zundert. The residents of Zundert spend the entire year designing and constructing the floral masterpieces.

When you think of The Netherlands, you think of tulips.  But the Corso Zundert is all about dahlias.  Each float contains up to a half-million flowers, in brilliant colors ranging from white to pink, yellow, purple and every shade in between.

The size of the floats cannot exceed 25 meters, by 9 meters by 4.5 meters in order to negotiate the narrow cobblestone streets of Zundert.   A team of human ‘pushers’ propels each rolling platform.  It is considered great honor to don the black, ninja-like costume and move the float through the village passages.

The floats are truly creative, imaginative and utterly unique.  The Corso Zundert has no central theme, so each team searches for the most innovative expression of color and beauty in a flower float.  The float subjects range from the traditional frog prince to the contemporary underground music scene.

Animation brings the floats to life.  Wildebeests stomp, dragons roar and bulls snort as each creation winds down the tiny streets.  Interspersed between the floats are marching bands, some even performing on bicycles.

The parade makes two passes down the route –the first pass is for judging and the second pass is to receive the judges’ scores. Every float receives a ranking, from first to last.  Each float is such a masterpiece, it somehow seems harsh to anoint any entry last place. But the Dutch are known for ‘telling it like it is’, and the intricate scoring is revealed for all to see.

The Corso Zundert is the highlight of the day, but the entire town assumes a festive atmosphere for the event. The Dutch sense of whimsy and wit pervades the entire village.  Comical ‘nurses’ chase runaway ‘patients’ through the crowds.  Oomph-pa bands in funky attire play on every corner.  Food vendors cater to the Dutch love of everything fattening and fried:  dough balls, sausage, cheese and ‘patat’ with a side of mayonnaise.

Is the Corso Zundert the best flower parade in the world? A bold premise, but who knows?   Officials from Pasadena’s famous Rose Parade made the journey to attend the 2016 Corso Zundert.  Perhaps the California competition was trying to learn a thing, or two, from the little village of Zundert.

Corso Zundert:  When You Go

Zundert is about an hour and a half drive from either Amsterdam or Brussels.  The nearest train service is in Breda, Netherlands, about 14 KM from Zundert.

Lodging options are limited in diminutive Zundert.  Breda is the best choice for overnight stays.  The Hotel Nassau Breda, an Autograph Collection property,  provides luxury accommodations in a brilliantly restored former convent.

For Corso Zundert information and advance ticket purchase, visit .


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  1. Patsy Flora says:

    Corso Zundert should be on everyone’s ‘bucket list’. The descriptions and pictures are remarkable. Hard to capture the rapture shown in the winner’s face, but it made me feel the fruition of an extreme artistic effort. What a superior small town this discovery is. Thanks for sharing a true ‘find’..

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