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We are the husband and wife team of Global Gallop, and we have a chronic case of travel attention deficit. We’ve had the most delightful escapades in over seventy countries – and we are just getting started. We’ve scootered around the Greek islands, raced Berber stallions in Morocco, sailed Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, tracked lions in the bush of Botswana, and dived in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand.

Susan is Global Gallop’s consummate travel planner and primary scribe. She has done hard time as a hotel inspector for a major travel publication and led a secret life as a hospitality service evaluator. She takes delight in ferreting out the kind of unique lodging experiences that are reasons alone to get on the plane and go. As a life-long equestrian, she makes an effort to weave a horse experience into the travel tapestry whenever possible. Michael prefers to get where he is going under his own power, be it rock climbing in Patagonia, trekking along the Great Wall, or cycling among the olive groves of Puglia. He is the master of all things visual, our photographer-in-chief.

As partners, we cobble together adventures that take us off the beaten path to the ever evolving edges of our comfort zones. We absolutely never leave home without packing our sense of humor. Global Gallop is our platform for sharing the joy of divergent travel with kindred spirits.

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  1. As the founder of Pack for a Purpose I want to thank you you very much for being “pack for a purpose travelers” and for writing this wonderful blog! I have a formal “e-thank you” I would like to send you , but would need an email to send it too. I would like to speak with you if that is possible. Please feel free to send me a number and best time to reach you.I would like to explore other places you may know about doing community projects that should be on our free website.

    With appreciation,

    Rebecca Rothney

  2. Jackie DeKoning says:

    Love your magazine. You two do a great job. XOXO Jackie

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